Elisa Benaggoune

New portfolio

Some of the media files for my research wouldn’t embed as I have been doing it on mac, but all the links and resources I used are in the media resources part of my portfolio.

extended-project-portfolio-year-one-final-draft- 30 06

Week 9 Evaluation Extended Project

This week I finished all my final work, and managed to get all of my paperwork into my portfolio in the space of two days. Overall I really enjoyed the project, and it taught me a lot about myself and my work.

Final draft with my presentation pitch!

Extended-project-portfolio-year-one-final-draft-22 06

If anything needs to be changed, please message me!


My final film:

Portfolio Week 8.

This is where my portfolio drafts are for my paper work are.

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Week 7 – 3.1

Week Seven-3.1

This is where everything from week seven will be.

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Week Six- 3.1

Here is where everything from week six is including power points, and reflecting on what has happened during the week.

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Week Five – 2.2

This is week 5 of our final major project where we analyse, and create a research plan within primary research and then we carry it out too. This will include only my primary research and what I’ve learnt from starting my secondary research.

palette-1482678_960_720 (1).png

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