I made my photo collage that represents me from photos that are the most important moments in my life so far.

My most important memories in my life have been the ones I’ve travelled to places, and created art with the most important people such as my family, as well as going to China by myself when I was 14 years old. After that I started getting so much more into the fashion world while I was growing up which is why I decided to include my modelling pictures because it’s another thing that I’m very passionate about.

I also have decided to add nostalgia to my montage because even the old pictures still resonate with who I have become such as taking pictures with your friends and finding mushrooms. I have so many important memories in my life but these pictures all represent the same feeling in every single one of them, therefore I made it based on the same nostalgic feelings of adventure, and being able to find art in every single little moment.

I decided to put them together as a collage instead of making it something different, because you can read the meanings behind the pictures better than making it into something different.