Primary research is personal research that is carried out to find more information. It is based on what you find and getting the information you want from your own research such as going out and taking surveys, as well as questionnaires. Primary research can also come from word of mouth, and can be also yours which is why it’s primary research because it’s the first personal information taken from yourself.

Secondary research is someone else’s research or information from another source that you have taken in to be used for your own work such as watching other films, video and any kind of media resource that will help with your whole entire research for what you are creating for example, if you wanted to create a movie or a short film using secondary research as well as primary would be the best way to research about how its made, how they casted people etc. Having primary and secondary research together is helpful and makes the research for what is being made easier.


The methods for primary research are the research you create yourself, such as creating an online survey, polls, going out to create interviews for that particular type of information you are looking for and questionnaires which are almost the same as polls and surveys but these methods of primary research can be based on any source depending on how the person wants to source the research. For example, if I was researching about certain trends about subcultures in the modern world; I would go out to subcultured events and look up where those cultures are based and find out more by interviewing the people at these events.

The methods for secondary research is similar to primary research but completely different. Secondary research methods are like using someone else’s work or research to influence your research and become a source of the research you have such as information about different hair colours in college for a film about expression. This information would be taken in as a source of someone else’s information to help you.


The sources of primary and secondary are two completely different ways of sourcing the information you have found. Primary research is based off the information you have discovered and found yourself so these would be like data and percentages from questionnaires, polls and surveys which come from the same group. Other sources of primary research would be pieces of writing and audio. Secondary research is more based on other peoples work so these sources come from videos, articles and anything that you can find everywhere that isn’t yours.

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