What is semiology ? 

Semiology is coding used in filmmaking that communicates to the audience what the character or the scene is trying to tell you. Semiology can also be used in filmmaking in different ways such as gestures, body language, colour and location for example, today we watched Episode 1 from the TV show “Skins” and we analysed how their was different codes in the space of 1 min. In the first episode of Skins, it was used by the details and ways the characters are completely different such as Tony having a super clean, and tidy room compared to what Michelle and Sid’s rooms looked like. They used this to show to the audience watching that all the characters are very similar, but not exactly the same.

Colour board

White – pure, goodness, clean, empty, fresh.

Red – anger, love, passionate, powerful, danger.

Pink – youthful, dreamy, royalty, wealth.

Black – darkness, dark, evil, sinful, mysterious.

Green – serene, peaceful, new, envy, nature.

Yellow – jealously, sunny, happy, bright, weak.

My Skin’s character.


Bedroom –  In her bedroom there’s tons of posters of bands she enjoys listening to, as well as photos of art and photos of her and her friends. She also has tons of finished art all over the floor, and hasn’t moved the art board out the way of her room. She colour coordinates her whole entire wardrobe, and lives off vintage! However, she does have tons of clothes she hasn’t put away yet on one of her sofa chairs.

Clothes –  She wears tons of delicate vintage, and very rare vintage too. You’ll always see her by her short pixie hair, and constantly wearing chokers everyday. Depending on her mood, she will go from being in a super cosy comfortable outfit to a very trendy outfit.

Colours – Pink, white, blue and yellow would be the colours that would re-occur for Charlie because of her ever-changing moods.

Body language – Her body language is very sweet, gentle and mysterious and she can tend to confuse people by being sensitive, and always looking around but never really talking a lot.

A scene from Stranger Things that shows signs through semiology 

The scene I chose that shows semiology is the first episode of Stranger Things that is on Netflix. The scene begins with tons of dark blues and whites in the beginning, and the character has not been introduced yet.

It starts off completely black, and fades into the location scene where the coding is already shown by having whites and blues to show that there is fearfulness, and curiosity. The scene then goes from the location being set in the first 30 seconds to being inside where the colours are still the same but they are dark green and very bright faded whites to tell the audience that we know something is about to happen. The lights and the colours change a lot during this scene, and carries on flashing until it gets completely dark.

After that, the colours that were coded with the last scene are still there but there is a difference in the mood. For example, the greenish blue went to a more dark blue when the new different characters are introduced, however the background is a dark black until the audience are introduced to the kids playing inside with the same colours from the last scene being repeated meaning that, whatever happened in the last scene isn’t going to go away until they solve it. So Stranger Things have done a good job for their audience to be able to tell the different moods in the space of 50 seconds to 2mins.

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