What a director does? –

As a director, you have to be able to have a unique vision through-out, and be able to communicate what you want to see and what your creative vision is; as well as being able to see how you want the film to be structured. A director also has to be very good at being a team leader, and being able to carry other tasks like casting, looking through the script writing and looking at what the editor has created. The directors act as setting all the visuals of the whole entire film, being technical and working with the creative teams.

Skills needed to become a director –

To be able to become a director, you need these skills:

  • Always being committed
  • Artistic and creative vision
  • Be incredibly passionate about filmmaking, and creating
  • Being able to make any type of decisions
  • Being able to stay confident and motivated
  • Being able to work for long hours
  • Collaborating with others (editing, script, cast)
  • Communication skills
  • Be determined
  • Paying attention to all the details (being a perfectionist)

Famous directors career line –

Wes Anderson (47 years old)

Wes Anderson is an American filmmaker and director who was born on May 1st, 1996.

Wes started creating and making films when he was around the age of 8 just after his parents divorced with a super 8mm camera that runs on film, and that’s how he started filmmaking. During the time his parents divorced he started behaving badly during school but then his behaviour turned into creative aspect.

He carried on his creative skills and then started making movies with his brothers when he got hugely interested in novels and story telling and he then carried directing and creating when he was in school creating plays.

After he grew up, he decided to carry on his interests to university where he met one of his writing partners that still help him in almost every one of his films, however Wes was studying philosophy and his friend was studying English. After university, Anderson decided that he wanted to actually start creating movies, so he did with his friend Owen which was called Bottle Rocket. Bottle Rocket than began to get serious, and they both got enough money to make it a full length film that suddenly got noticed by the filmmaker Kit Carson. He then carried on after winning a MTV best current filmmaker award.

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