The different types of lighting

3 point lighting – 

How it’s used:

Basic easy lighting used for indoor home scenes that general filmmakers use out of scratch and equipment that can be found in an everyday house. The lighting that general filmmakers use is 3 point lighting and it can be easily created by getting:

  • A floor lamp (that is quite tall/medium sized)
  • Tripod (used for the aluminium to change the lighting)
  • Aluminium paper
  • Tape
  • Natural lighting (from a window or wherever it can be found)

For the settings to achieve a good indoor scene that has enough light on the object, as well as shadows and depth. The camera settings are useful when shooting lighting because having just the lighting won’t do as much as you expect without changing the camera settings. So for this particular indoor scene with natural lighting and a few shadows.

The settings need to be like this:

AP – F4.0 / F1.4

ISO – 350 or 200

If you adjust the natural lighting near by; by covering the window with material so the object is still getting light from window, as well as having shadows too. This helps diffuse the light from the window, so it helps object have as much shadow while still getting enough light.

The ISO has to be low enough, so you can have no noise for your footage.

Shutter speed – 50

White balance – Cloudy/daylight (if you are near a window)

The more light you get from natural lighting from the window, the more you can lower your ISO. When these settings are done, there is one last thing to make it come together.

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Filming in sunlight –

The settings need to be like this:

AP – The aperture needs to be a low level such as F11 > F4.0 

ND filters – To darken the image, but not too dark.