My reflection on week 2, unit 3:

Week 2 was probably the week where my skills got to become more shown, and I got to explore more of my knowledge as well as learning how to post and write about certain shots, lighting, and films including certain types of genre of film for example film noir which was on the genres we went into deep analysis about how you can still create an iconic well known film that isn’t made with colour or good lighting using the genre of film noir. I also learnt that lighting is super useful, and can make a massive difference to when you are shooting specific scenes with certain moods and emotions using white balance, as well as reflectors to emphasise the lighting, and being able to control your subject of focus.

I preferred this week compared to the other weeks because I am less nervous, and able to handle the information given to me, and being able to use it for my own advantage and perks for future filmmaking ideas.