How do you become a lighting engineer? –

Before finding out what a lighting engineer does, you need to find out the different types of lighting engineers within the media industry. There are different types of lighting engineers such as:

  • Lighting engineer
  • Lighting technician
  • Lighting designer
  • Lighting director

To become a lighting engineer in general you need to have many skills such as:

  • Understand the rules of health and safety
  • Being able to work with tough heights
  • Being able to have good communication with the rest of the crew
  • Having visual awareness of what it’s going to look like, and in general.
  • Being able to be flexible and able to lead, as well as work in a big team.
  • Being able to work quickly
  • Having patience and being patient

Depending on what type of lighting engineer you want to be, they all have the same skills you need to become a lighting engineer or technician. The lighting engineer, and team of lighting responsibilities are based on the certain location, and set that the production that is being made. The lighting team will take lead of what certain lightings need to be used for certain scenes that are being asked by the film director or the lighting director.

Lighting technician’s responsibilities are setting up the lights before the scene starts, so the set is already prepared before the cast and the other teams are ready to shoot.

The lighting storeman will take care of the lights that are currently being used on set, as well as making sure there’s enough back up lights incase some lights break, or get damaged. The lighting storeman will also make sure that there is enough light filters for certain lighting that is used with filters.

Qualifications needed to become a lighting engineer:

To become a lighting engineer, or anything to do with lighting within the film and tv industry. You need to have a degree in film production, or at least a qualification is film and tv but a wide amount of knowledge and experience on how lighting works during sets, and how you can take control of the lights.

To be able to start being a lighting engineer, or at least be on the sets of big productions working with lights. You need to have two years experience as a lighting engineer before you can start working with the lighting team. You also have to be 23 before you can start fully working with film productions.

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