This week I’m going to research about different sound techniques and effects such as Foley, and how I can develop my use of Foley in filmmaking. I’m also going to research certain filmmakers, how it first began, and how they are shown to add effect in big cinema films. As well, as researching films and filmmakers that have included foley in their films I’m going to research different famous foley artists.

What is Foley and how is it made?

Foley is a sound effect used after the production is finished, but it is made after pre-production, so when all the shots and editing are being curated. The Foley artist creates the sounds while watching the certain scenes that have already been created, depending on what scene is on the screen and that need added effects such as Foley.  Sounds can be made for example, from footsteps on certain materials that can create different types of footsteps (loud, quiet and gentle), or slamming, punching, glass breaking, hammers and squeaky doors.

Where has Foley been used ?

Foley has been used in films such as Lord Of The Rings which uses a lot of Foley added sound effects that bring the film together. Foley has been used as an added sound effect in almost every single Lord of the Rings film.

Foley as a sound effect is used in a lot of films of different genres so they aren’t particularly based on one film and one genre. They are used in most films depending on their genre. However, they are used a lot in sci-fi and horror films.

I’m going to research about different filmmakers, and foley artists that have been featured in big feature films that are famous. As well as famous foley artists.

Primary –

Part of my primary research was physically doing foley sound effects with my group of 4 which we recorded on the first day, which helped our knowledge of using the microphones. On the second day, we made certain sounds that we had been given. This helped us to understand how foley is made. To reference my primary research, it will be shown in my ‘Audio Work’ blog post. I also did primary research while my dad was watching a sci-fi drama film called Iron Man.

Secondary –

For my secondary research I’m going to research about how foley is made, and also famous foley artists that have created foley sound effects and what films they’ve been featured in with their foley talents. Throughout my research I will answer questions that we have been given to expand my knowledge on what foley is.

I’m going to research about the foley artist Gary Hecker.

Gary Hecker is a foley artist or otherwise known as a sound actor who has been featured for this sound creativity in films such as Spiderman, Django Unchained, Hancock and The Hunger Games which are the most iconic films that include tons of sound effects.

Hecker got interested in Foley when he was 16 as he said in an interview for Celebrity Yo Show. He gets inspiration from other films that he watched when he was a teenager, and collects certain props so that he can make unique sounds that are different compared to foley instruments that are easy to find.

He’s done recent projects such as:

“The Hateful Eight”-“Batman vs Superman -“Warcraft” -“Independence Day”-“Ghostbusters”-“Snowden” “Deepwater Horizons”.


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