For week 3, I felt that this was my most worked week for theory; and I made sure that all the information and tasks I were given were taken in properly. This week I enjoyed more because I became comfortable with the theory learning tasks, as well as practical tasks such as making foley sounds and being able to analyse them while making them.

I enjoyed this week the most because it was the week I felt like I already had some background knowledge on such as foley, but I also learnt more than I knew about mise en scene, how foley is worked, different materials can be used to make these sounds and about how secondary and primary research really helps extend your knowledge you already have for example me already knowing about foley and microphones, I learnt more than I did before, so that made me feel really happy about being able to take that in.

I also learnt that theory within media is so important epically for creating foley sounds, you need to be able to know about how it is made, and how they edit it in to make scenes more dramatic. Aside from that, theory has taught me alot of curating films and that if you didn’t have theory, or background knowledge it will be harder to create a film or a tv show without thinking about mise en scene or foley that may be needed after post production.