This week was another one of my favourite weeks of learning about theory behind filmmaking because we got practical, as well as theoretical about how you can use different techniques, cameras and storyboarding to help you create films with certain genres and style which is where another French term came in, and that made me really happy because my roots are French, and I love to express my filmmaking using French new wave filmmaking as well as using old vintage cameras to film my content I want.

This week I learnt that research is so important, especially since on Wednesday; I missed 1 hour and a half of the last lesson because I was ill, and I still am now which is why some of the blog posts aren’t finished yet but they will be. Anyway this week taught me so much about myself and my style because when I went home I finished most of my work from this week, and ended up seeing a filmmaker on my TV while I was trying to get better, and from just watching that it lead to me being curious by his films and who he is, so I ended up finding his films on Vimeo and we ended up being mutuals and almost friends.

So this week taught me so much about my true style within filmmaking, and how I absolutely adore realistic narrative, but yet non realistic ones and that my style is based on old school filmmaking such as super 8’s and vhs films. This is why this week was my favourite, apart from my lack of information on some blog posts which I will fix once I feel better.