This week we are researching about different scenes or a certain movie scene, and how we would plan it if we were creating that film and scene. As well as researching about how we can find certain objects like we were shown when we watched Life On Mars, Series 1 Ep 1.

It showed us that before production, during pre production there is more research within a certain subject of what’s going to be created for e.g lom needing to have police materials, police cars and an old 70’s style building.

I’ve also included my version of how it’s easier for my brain to understand the layout of my own research plan that is more detailed, and complicated and another version where it’s laid out more simply.

For my primary research I would go out and look for certain locations that are similar to the location Moonrise Kingdom was filmed at, find my right casting for the film and look for the costume designs that I would need for my cast to wear, however since my research plan is more based on secondary research planning and research I wouldn’t be able to go out and do the primary research unless I was re-making it.

What scene am I going to research about?

The scene I’m going to research in detail is from one of my favourite films directed by Wes Anderson called Moonrise Kingdom. (2012)

Scene 1 of Moonrise Kingdom from 0:00 to 4:00

Youtube – Ignacio Hernández Blanco

“A pair of young lovers flee their New England town, which causes a local search party to fan out to find them.” – IMBD


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Notes to help with my research (for myself) (includes more complicated details) :

When is it set?

Where is it filmed?

Moonrise Kingdom was filmed on Rhode Island, as well as different locations within Rhode Island however, some of the house and outside shots were filmed at the north end of…

Location –

Rhode Island in the US.

Google (no date)


Location searching, rules etc. Where?

Actors – Casting, how are you going to find and get these certain actors?

Who casted, and scouted the actors used?

Costume design and outfits? which stylist? how are you going to get certain specific drawn designs into outfits? How much is it going to cost?

Fashion use in a Anderson film –

Accountant – money, prices for location, costume, makeup, location, permit/licences ?

What’s the budget of the film? $16 Million

Who made the music for MK? Alexandre Desplat

Is the film low budget or high budget?

Who are the production companies for this film? American Empirical Pictures and IndianPaintbrush

Who is going to distribute the film? Focus Pictures

To do with the film in general (editing wise)

How long is it going to be running for?

What editor?

What text fonts were used? and how can you use them in a feature film?

What colours were used through-out the film, and why did the director choose those colours?

Cost of special fonts use (licences, uses)

Lighting, finding a lighting crew

Props – where to get certain props, what companies?


Vintage suitcases

Record player


Pictures from TimeToMove and Tumblr


The use and messages behind the stories Anderson put in Moonrise Kingdom

Why the use of books throughout the whole film? What books? What messages do they tell the audience about the characters


Open Culture

Laws – Filming children aged 12-13

What music was used in the soundtrack, and why?

What is the message behind Moonrise Kingdom?

A more basic research plan (more easier for you to understand)

Location – 

Where was it filmed? Rhode Island in the US

Where was it set? The whole film was set in New Penzance, Prudence Island and Narragansett Bay.

When was it set? The film is set in 1965.

Locations – House in the countryside

Props – 

Blue record player




After hours of researching about film laws on animals, I still couldn’t find any useful information about how filmmakers, and producers are allowed to use animals but I did find that there is a law, and when you are producing a film you need to follow that act which is here –


Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 01.15.53.png

I noticed that during 1min into the first scene before Suzy walks in, there are some binoculars in the setting.

You can buy these here:

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 01.25.05.png

Tarten bag


Painting of a house in the woods

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 16.53.55.png

Picnic basket


Costumes –

Her siblings outfits –

Dressing gown in orange, brown and green patterns

Suzy’s outfits –

Suzy’s pink dress

For Suzy’s dress I managed to find a dress that was similar from another character from the TV series ‘Stranger Things’ who wears a similar dress to Suzy.


Eleven Dress Stranger Things Costume

Suzy’s yellow dress

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 00.05.59.png

White knee high socks

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 00.08.49.png,Kids%20_PLAKids%20–%3E%20School%20Uniform%20–%3E%20Girls%20–%3E%20Socks,%20Tights%20&%20Underwear%20–%3E%20Socks%20&%20Tights_M&S%205%20Pairs%20of%20Freshfeet™%20Cotton%20Rich%20Trim%20Knee%20High%20Socks%20(2-11%20Years)%20WHITE%204-7&s_kwcid=AL!2750!3!47119164976!!!g!64528126931!&device=c&s_kwcid=AL!2750!3!47119164976!!!g!!&ef_id=Vi6u8QAAAOvT3VZ6:20161114000819:s&pdpredirect

Pink beret

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 00.11.40.png

Sam’s outfits –

Khaki shorts

Khaki shirt

Yellow tie scarf


Where was it filmed?

Moonrise Kingdom was filmed on Rhode Island, but most of the outside scenes were filmed on different parts of the island.

Where was it set?

That particular scene was set most of the time on Rhode Island, but the most important shots of the first scene where inside and outside of the house at Conanicut Light, Bay View Drive North, Conanicut Island, Rhode which is where the house they used is based.

Google Images (no date)


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