This week I feel like I enjoyed it more because I did two things that I have a passion for and that is doing research plans for projects even if they aren’t ours, for example I made a research plan for the Wes Anderson film Moonrise Kingdom and I did two layouts for the research plan before we do the proper research. So I made two versions of different research plans to do with the same movie, and what I would need if I was making that film. We had to find specific props, locations, and costumes if we were the people making that film into life, so it was very interesting being able to do that myself. However I did find some items I wanted to use if I was able to re-create one of my favourite films, so I found researching for the research plan incredibly fun.

We also worked on editing, but we weren’t using a very modern video editor which was interesting for me since it reminded me of when I first got into editing software so it reminded me that old editing softwares aren’t that bad. We learnt all the different settings of Avid, and how it is pretty complicated since you are the boss of your own creation. We learnt about how we can choose our own format, ratio, video quality and how to organise the files we are going to create. This week to me was my most intrigued motivated week, although I still have some parts of my research plan not finished yet as I’ve been trying to catch up on my progression week that I still have to finish, so I’m slowly catching up again and once I have my progression week posts finished i’ll be able to work harder on my weekly posts, and then not have to worry about finishing my progression week 1-4 blogs once they are done. So to me, this was the most interesting detailed week ever, and I’m excited to learn more, but I hope i’ll be able to use a different kind of editor if Avid doesn’t want to work again on my desktop computer at the college.

My peer feedback from Carla:

Peer feedback : I really like the layout of the blog however i would say maybe use the effect of see more so then it would i believe look easier to find posts. i like the way you have gone into explaining what each section on the guide to editing is but i couldn’t follow it that well, maybe use images to go along with each step so then you would get a visual understanding as well. Your production research is really good I’m thinking maybe for the props look at where exactly could you get them from if you were in the production yourself. Overall amazing work but just need a few little tweaks.