My reflection over week 5/6

For this week I felt like I enjoyed it more because it included practicals, but I also loved being able to research about if I was going to make a Wes Anderson film because there is so much detail within the whole pre-production research, and it really helped me open my eyes even more on how much time it takes to complete researching pre production.

This week we carried on with our research plan through-out the week, and then after that we learnt about lighting and slating. For slating we had to learn various other ways of using slates within making a production, and we had to test it out ourselves by using the slate in different ways as well as getting footage and audio. I also carried on with my research plan for Moonrise Kingdom which I did a lot of secondary research on because I added two different research plans. Within the research plan it included what props I needed to find, and where it was based etc if I was making the film. However next time I will probably make it less detailed than I should because I was putting more work onto my shoulders than I needed to and could have made my research plan more simple.

For our video, and audio footage I found it hard to get started on the edit since my computer that I use at college doesn’t let me use the Avid software, so that makes it really hard for me to sit down and get started with the edit that we have to sync with our footage.

Again, I am going to try doing it on someone else’s computer but it just makes it hard for me to try and get everything done on time.

I did really enjoy this week, and I admit I still need to tweak up on progression week but I’ve been trying to get this week’s stuff finished before continuing on checking that my week 1-4 work is perfect too, so it’s been a lovely enjoyable week I’ve just found it hard at times to not overly detail my work. Other than that my favourite part of the week was being able to research fully about one of my favourite films and learn more about slating.

Peer feedback Carla:

Carla said she’ll be able to send me this weeks feedback tomorrow.