The first part of this post includes my notes and researching into the stereotype I know, and finding a character that breaks that stereotype for example I’m going to base the stereotypes on how girls and women are seen to be feminine with their hair, and the character I’ve chosen is a super feminine character but has a buzz cut which breaks all of the stereotypes of women and girls.


What is representation?

Media creation

Stereotype – visual shortcut, access to character, generalisation

Archetype – general stereotype, specific and detailed

Countertype –  complete opposite of the stereotypes

Common themes – Age, gender, race, disability, class, sexuality, location and religion.

Stereotypes that relate to me – Race, gender, disability, age, height and culture.

Gaze > objectification

Hegemony (hegemonic principle)

Task find x 1 stereotype

The stereotype I am going to analyse is women or girls in TV shows acting as a female character and breaking the stereotype of “all women need long hair to be feminine”

Find x 1 counter type – Eleven from stranger things

From ideally a current British TV show but I chose an American one because they made it very well. Give an example from the programme that demonstrates i.e screengrab, narrative or plot.

My choice of stereotype is girls having to have long hair to express their femininity  or just being able to feel feminine with no matter what hair they have. I chose that stereotype because it always gets questioned in the media in general if a girl has short hair then she’s not a girl, but she is. The reason why I chose Stranger Things was because the way they made her as a character and portrayed her to be a girl within the season but they created it so well, that it made the audience question her character and gender but the reveal it more in every episode.

The scene where the group meets Eleven:

The clever thing that Stranger Things did is that, they made both of her girly looks be feminine in both ways. So, in the first couple of episodes Mike lends Eleven his clothes because she didn’t have any which then, everyone gets used to but then because she has to go to school and seeing a girl with a shave head in high school is very suspicious they made Eleven wear a wig and a dress so she can be accepted in the mainstream. However, when it’s her and the guys she’s not wearing the wig and the pink dress very often.

The scene where she gets to experiment with a wig and a pink dress:

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