This week we learnt about different work practices, and what they are such as self employed, freelancer and employed. We also had to research, and write about our career plan that we want to go towards after college and what we want to achieve by the age of 30.


Being a freelancer is one of the jobs that new filmmakers go towards in the media industry. Freelancers are very similar to self employed creative, however freelancers have to find their own work and jobs themselves. They still make their own work, but they can work for other people to and have different fees. To be a freelance videographer, you need to work hard and sometimes jobs won’t come for you, but that’s the journey of what a freelancer is.

Self Employed

Being self-employed is almost the same as being a freelancer, but completely different. Self employed creative create their own source of money, make their own work and most likely film for other people but it depends on the creative who is self employed. Self employed creative’s are more likely to be based around their own work, and sometimes filming for other people. Some examples of self employed filmmakers and artists are:




My career timeline

For this task, we had to make a career timeline of what we want our career path to be by the time we’re 30. So, I’ve made mine going forwards after Canterbury College Film TV. For the next two years, I hope to make fashion and expressionism films within the two years of Film and TV production, and I want to explore different styles and experiment with my own style until I get a unique style.

After I’ve finished Level 3 F&T I want to go towards University if I’m ready which I know I will be going towards after College.  However, the university I want to go to is Central Saint Martins to study BA (hons) Fashion Communications ( The reason why I chose fashion communications is because I want to experiment with the films I create since I have a certain style, and my dreams since I was little was to always be able to film for magazines or at least fashion shows and work with fashion designers but using fashion, film and expression at the same time.

I also want to go to CSM since they will increase the networks and communcations that I already have, and I just want to continue getting my work out in the industry. During University, I want to start gaining more links and have a website portfolio with my photography and films I’ve made, so it helps my work grow. I hope that during those 4 years of University will take me to bigger places as a young filmmaker, and I hope I end up on the side of the media and fashion industry that I’ve always wanted to be on.


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