This week I felt like I enjoyed this week because I am learn so much more every week such as work practices, and how you can still get into the media industry in many ways. I enjoyed it more because I already knew the different work practices within the creative industry, and it helped me gain more knowledge about how I can myself. I also learnt that there is so many paths I want to take to get to the path I want to get to which is why in one blog post my career plan isn’t finished as it’s so long, and would take me a while to complete the timeline of it. The thing that I didn’t enjoy was still being frustrated about not being able to create the video, and sync the footage that me, Carla and Gabby filmed.

Another thing that I loved this week was researching about one of my favourite things which is editing, and I loved being able to compare two good editors in the media industry and it made me realise that research is definitely the one of the most important parts of creativity. I also loved researching about how representation can be taken in by a different audience, and how media representation can change people’s perspective on culture, race and gender and so many other things. So, overall I adored this week especially since it included more research, but I’m still feeling anxious about how I can’t show my creativity yet within actually being able to edit on Avid. That’s the reason why I don’t have my video footage created, and synced together. Other than that, I loved week 6 and 7!

Peer feedback: