Hello Project



My project is about an innocent boy having physic powers, as well as being mixed with zombie characteristics. Through-out the film, the boy suddenly has the power and force to blow candles and fire out. However, since he is the protagonist, there is another character that isn’t featured in the film which is why at the end of the film, his innocence is gone and he eats a brain, and runs away from something unusual which is not shown. The project was inspired by visuals from Stranger Things as well as influences from Melanie Martinez’s videos. The project idea came from experimenting with a childish theme with a horror which can be difficult to put both together sometimes, but I wanted it to be short and innocent.

List five strengths and five weaknesses in your final project

My 1 min short film in my reflection was a successful project, however I wish I had more Foley added through-out the film, I added footsteps walking on grass to go with the brain dropping on the floor and it was very discrete, so one of the things I wish I had better audio was for my Foley sounds.

My 5 strengths:

  • Finding my own film style, and experimenting with it more.
  • Casting a child which I normally don’t do
  • Being able to create a film that’s a min long
  • Discovering more editing techniques
  • Learning how to do Foley

My 5 weaknesses:

  • Having some Foley sounds not loud enough
  • Having Avid crash, and not being able to use it
  • Adding new parts and experimenting on the day of the shoot
  • Not having a wide range of Foley sounds like I wanted because they didn’t fit perfectly

What were the key areas of development in this project? – use your daily reflections to help you with this

My key areas of development was definitely being able to work with Foley sounds, and be able to create a film out of my comfort zone since my idea came from just thinking about Stranger Things. I managed to develop more skills with Foley sounds, but some of them didn’t come as I wanted to but that’s the best thing about being able to create this project is that I went with the flow with what I wanted, and if something went wrong it was okay.

Review your proposal – what changed, what developments did you make, did you manage to complete everything you set out to?

My proposal of what my short film matched with what my visuals that I wanted to come out in pre-production, as well as the production. Through-out the production, and directing my ideas changed and flowed throughout filming the certain scenes I wanted so most parts of the film aren’t very accurate, but they became accurate to what I wanted it to be when I finished filming. The things that changed through-out my production was different ideas, so that the film would flow as I wanted it to.

What could you adapt about the work produced to improve and develop it?

The thing I would do to improve my work would be to add more Foley, and be more confident with it as I had a good microphone for my voiceover of Hello, but I didn’t have a good mic for the Foley sounds, so my last resort of ideas was finding royalty free music of the sounds I wanted, and most of them I experimented with for e.g I found a sound of someone walking on grass, so it would fit in with the brain dropping on the floor. However, this sound was great but it wasn’t loud enough for me so I would improve on my Foley sounds as it’s my first time experimenting with Foley in my own films. Therefore, I have room for improvement.

 Is the final work appropriate for the needs of your target audience?

The final work I created reaches my exact target audience since it was based from anyone from age 5-64 etc, there wasn’t a particular target audience since anyone can watch it.

 Does it sufficiently cover unit 1,2,3 and 4’s criteria?

My project cover’s the units we studied such as audio, research plan, camera and Foley sounds. Since my idea came out from the inspiration of Stranger Things, not a lot of research as put into it as it wasn’t a big production but most of the research was sfx. However, I think my project did meet all the criteria’s since it reached the length, and featured all the things we learnt in Trimester 1, so I think I did well.

 Did it go better or worse than you expected?

It went better than I expected, I managed to get the particular shots that were in influence of Wes Anderson and Melanie Martinez, and it flowed perfectly on the shoot and on the edit, so I am really happy about my visuals came out onto the screen as well as being able to direct what I wanted.

 What was the feedback from the client/lecturer?

Peer feedback: (will be inserted here)

 What do you think you could improve next time?

For next time, the thing I would improve on would be my Foley as it’s not my best, but I have plenty of time to develop my skills within Foley, although I’ve done it before I still need more practice and it would help me develop my style


Communication report:

For my Hallo project, I am going to base the short film on the communication of it being a experimental film. I got inspired by two of my favourite filmmakers ‘Wes Anderson’ and a new indie filmmaker called ‘Julian Klincewicz’. They both inspired me as Julian is a VHS filmmaker, and Anderson uses the same angles, and casting in his films, sadly because I don’t have a VHS converter or any empty VHS tapes to use for this first project for this project, I decided to still stick with the short because an experimental film as the films I want to make take more time to produce. I was also inspired by ‘Melanie Martinez’ who always has the same style, and childhood like storytelling which she uses in every video she’s created. Another inspiration for my communication was the TV show based on Netflix called ‘Stranger Things’ which inspired almost all of the ideas behind my Hello project. So, my communication within media is going to be a experimental short.

Project proposal:

My Hallo project is going to be based on being a short horror film about a young boy who has psychic powers, and is able to control objects with his mind especially objects that are to force the energy of which is why I chose fire as the element that “the boy” can control. However, the boy who is the main character through-out the whole film is just not a usual boy since of his powers, but he was originally a human before he began to gain zombie like characteristics. Through-out the film, you’ll see that the boy begins to make his psychic work by spinning around in a circle of candles which makes his powers work.

Research for my project:

Location – London

My film will be shot in the back garden of my Auntie’s house, as the boy I casted is my younger cousin and I thought he would be perfect for the character I came up with. The location that I filmed at ending up being in the back garden which was my plan, we wanted to test if going to a park would work but the ambience didn’t work with my storyline. The story is set in Walthamstow.

Google Maps 2016


Casting –

For the cast of my film, I decided to find a young boy but luckily I have a young boy in my family that is absolutely perfect for the part, so I went with having him as my main actor for the whole entire film since it doesn’t feature any other characters.

Props –

The main props I used for my short was tea light candles, a special effects brain which I created before production, but it was made out of jelly so it would fit with the storyline.

The props were easy to find as they were basic home items, and the brain I had to research how to make myself with special effects which will be included in my sfx playlist.

Storyboard –


Special Effects –

For special effects, I did the makeup on my actor myself but I needed to gain ideas on how I wanted him to look like and the idea was making him like a male Eleven which is where my inspiration of that comes from. I researched special effects tutorials, although I know how to do it because I wanted a wide variety of looks for this film. Here’s my SFX Youtube playlist:


My inspiration:



Production Diary: 

Film shoot started on Sunday because it was easier for my cousin to be able to act for me.

Since the production was based in London, we stayed over my auntie’s house so we would be able to shoot it in the space of 4 hours, as well as being able to do the sfx and get the brain jelly made. So, in the morning we spent around 30 mins doing the makeup as it was a very important part of the film. After that, we started rolling and it took about 20 takes to get it perfectly matched with the visions I wanted.

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