In week one, it was one of my favourite weeks as I’ve been learning naturally myself about social media ever since I was 10, so when there was a challenge to set up our own little professional media profiles. I was up, and away because I’ve been self studying myself how to get more recognition and an audience for so many years as I’ve restarted different creative platforms many times, so the challenges and the research we had to do this week was to my own advantage as it’s one of my favourite things within the media industry as it helps you a lot in the future.

On the first day of setting up my Twitter profile, I gained 10 followers in one day and a week later by communicating with filmmakers I watch such as Rad Haggis and Rad Wolves who are my age helped me get some recognition too. On the second week of having the profile, I had around 120 followers on Twitter and now have 140 which was unexpected, but was definitely expected by me. However, with my Instagram since I use an iPhone being able to upload snippets of videos is hard as there’s so many complicated steps, but it has the equal amount of recognition. On my Instagram profile it does have the same advantage as my Twitter account as I featured me being featured in one of my mutuals ‘Declan Mckenna’ which made it professional for people looking at the profile.

So, this week was my favourite as it made me express everything I’ve learnt for 4 years since I was 10 and 13 years old.