What sound problems have I encountered so far?

The sound problems I encountered were

Hello project:

What type of sounds can you hear in the example?

How is the sound being used off screen?

NYU sight and sound e.g:

  • Talking
  • Banging
  • Arguing
  • Buffy muted sounds
  • Music – David Bowie
  • Knife and forks
  • Clap
  • White noise
  • Object noises
  • Foley
  • Sound effects – swipe (movement)

Create a short scene using sound –

What are the potential problems of the task?

The potential problems that could happen on the task would be that we could possibly not pick up the sound from the microphone and it could not be clear. Other problems that could happen would be that not everyone could get the noises, and the mic battery running out of charge which didn’t happen.

How can you get the sounds that you need for the task?

For the task we could get the sounds by using water, ambience from outside and trip trapping by making noise from feet, or our mouths as it makes a similar noise to trip trapping.

What are the best methods to record your sound?

What are the best tools for the task?

Questions –

What was the problem?

What did you research? – How can you get the sounds/ how did you get?

Plan the solution – What are the best methods to record your sound?

The best methods to record the sound was using the zoom mic as it picked up the sound clearly

What are best tools for the task?

Audio edit will be here –