Prevent is a strategy run by the government to prevent people in general society being involved with suspicious behaviour that could danger other people etc. It also helps stop people getting involved with terrorism acts.

The prevent strategy prevents and covers different types of terrorism and extremism.

Prevent is the government’s counter terrorism strategy . Prevent provides help for people who are currently in those situations of likely getting involved with groups, or those who are in those groups, it also works with a bunch of sectors that help get the safe guarding information to those who might need the help such as education, criminal justice, faith, charities, talks etc! Prevent helps support people, as well working with faith groups and supporting local schools that have safe guarding and making sure the information is brought across in an educational way.

Prevent helps those who are in vulnerable situations, or vulnerable in themselves. It also helps those that are thinking of going to the extreme, and stopping them from harm. As well as preventing people from harm that are sensitive prevent also helps those who are radicalised to not feel like they should go to an extreme. However prevent is a huge positive safeguarding that helps people who are the most vulnerable to getting involved with groups that could have people who are thinking of joining more extreme groups.