For this week, I expanded my knowledge of audio skills as 2 years before that I learnt about foley so, having that use of what I learnt before really helped me with recording three billy goats gruff. However, when I was editing the sound I realised the audio I got sent from my group wasn’t finished; so I got sent the un-finished narrative and I had to play it by ear and use that, as I didn’t have the full final version for the narrative of the story. Other than that, I felt like I learnt so much about audio and the uses for creating the atmosphere for a film or audio books. Although, I didn’t have the full narrative I felt like the work I produced was good even, with tiny mistakes and I really enjoyed it.

In the future, I’ll remember to make sure all the work I’ve got sent from my groups is the final versions, so I don’t get muddled up when doing the final edit.