This week I learnt about how important audio is for any production, and if your production is based on audio it needs to be done properly even if it means using different microphones for certain parts of the audio such as interviews, conversations or recording people singing. I learnt more than I did before about audio than I did before, and it has helped me think about my future projects and what kind of microphones I will need to use in the future and it expanded my knowledge on where is the best place to film and record audio at the same time. Another thing I could improve on is having more time to edit my audio and video and audio footage as the editor doesn’t work, but I will get both of my audio work done as soon as possible. Overall, this week was really interesting and really inspiring for my future work. I learnt that location, and the microphone can really change the sound and the atmosphere of the footage and audio which is why audio is an important part of production. However, I will spend a couple of days getting my footage and audio edited together, as well as uploading the audio work. Also, this week I feel that although I have a disadvantage of not being able to edit, when it get’s done it will be something I am proud of and every week I get more inspired to create something big!

Peer feedback: