This post is where my reflection is.

This week was really useful, and helpful for me as it brought out my creativity through filming and working with a different team, however when we first got into teams it was hard as all of the team was feeling excited but, some of our members weren’t acting like they wanted to work with us, and I was trying to jolly them along and make them feel positive about a small little task, however but no ideas where made or thoughtful creatively until we had a new member that really helped piece the team together as we lost the member that had our original storyboard.

So we had to start from scratch but it was lucky that we did as the idea was really creative, and was in my vision of editing so that made the experience even better. We then made a new storyboard in 10 mins, and started planning pre-production which made the pace of the team better, and when we started production we knew what equipment we wanted, how we wanted it to look like in the final cut. ¬†After filming, the team managed to pace everything as sending storyboards, what equipment we used and the order the videos go in for the edit, so that helped all of the team so much. So overall I’m really glad my team turned out that way.

With our social media report, I felt like that was my strongest as I’ve been studying social media’s myself for my own back, and for my own image of who I am I added what I knew to my Twitter and gained 60 followers after our teacher set the task to gain 20 more in one day, which I did. However, this subject is something I know very well like the back of my hand, so that task also made me really happy as I knew what skills to add, and how to add them. So overall, the week was great and I really enjoyed at as we had time to express and experiment with both topics such as social media and visual filming which are two things I have a pleasure creating. On improvement, I feel like I need to not stress so much on work and make it less complicated for myself and do it all in one, so I know I have all my written work done, and all my physical work uploaded and checked, this will grow with me with time and I will get better at my own pace, and I will grow with my blog while I’m growing to find an organisation that isn’t too complicated for myself.