This is where my research, planning and all my ideas will be for my one min short film I will be creating based on the theme ‘Friendship’. This post will include post production, pre production and production.


Notes taken from lecture:

We watched some one min short films to help us brainstorm before coming up with final ideas to make a one min short.

Special Date | One Minute short film (Glenn Brughmans, 2013)

What we had to think about before coming up with ideas:

Before we came up with ideas we had in mind, we had to analyse tons of shorts and how they made their films successful with the uses of shots, angles, editing, tone and music. All of these things can completely change the way the audience views a short film and there is a lot to be done for just one min. We analysed special date and noticed that he used alot of bright lighting, different angles and jump cuts so his short would work and fit with the theme of his story.

My idea, and the base of it all:

My main idea is inspired of one of my favourite films ‘500 Days Of Summer’ (2012) and it’s based on the last scene of the film, but I’m putting a twist on it and making it based on friendship and the expectations which is what we really want to happen to us with friendship, and what is actually happening in reality which you can’t control. The scenes are going to be filmed in the same location, but the moods and body language of the main character is going to be totally different to the ‘what if’ expectations.

What I’m going to do?:

For my one min short film I’m going to create one whole scene of the character going to meet their friend, and how they wish their expectations of the situation is like because the main character thinks I still have another chance, but in reality the main character doesn’t. So, the main character is going to their friends house just to have a normal day, and I want it to show the differences on how your real genuine friends would treat you and how fake friends can take advantage and manipulate you to be different, and like them which is what happens in reality. However, the one min film is concentrated on the mood of the character, and how things can change. I just want this film to show both sides of reality and expectations and how you can sometimes have both, but depending on the behaviour of the friendship it can sometimes not turn out that way.


My one minute film is going to be based on the expectations vs reality and how real friends and fake friends can really make an impact on a person, and how different the perspective is for the audience and how the character is feeling in that moment, I want to show people the differences of perspective.

My inspirations (playlist):


How I came up with my idea:

The idea originally came from my inspiration from the film 500 days of Summer, and I originally wanted to re-create the scene in the lift where they both connect with music. However, I changed my idea to making it based on real friends vs fake friends, as I wouldn’t get context with one listen scene that doesn’t tell much about friendship. So, I stuck with my inspiration being 500 days of summer, and based it on the last scene that I forgot about because I knew it would fit perfectly with the theme of friendship. After deciding my idea, I then watched the last scene which was the expectations vs reality about 5 times until my ideas started flowing, and then watched the analysis of the ending scene and how it’s made so I could know I could create it too.

You can watch it here: 

500 days of summer (2012) – Google Images


The ending of the film is so beautifully pieced together, and tells the message of the main character in a way that I would like to tell the story of my experiences too, and how I’ve been through so many friendship problems and show how it really is, and how a person can react so strongly to it, and losing a person they thought would stay in their life, but it doesn’t really turn out that way. So, my general idea is just a metaphor of life and friendships that features some dialogue.

All my aspects of research:

Production Research:

For my production, there are different aspects of research as my idea is quite simple yet the detail of it is quite complicated, and is very hard to understand. However, since mine is based off a protagonist character that loses someone very important in there life relates to me as that happened in my life in the past. I wanted to create something different such as expectations vs reality because I wanted to add metaphors of life and friendship and that you can’t always have what you always think you will hopefully keep.

What I had to do first:

After I came up with my idea, I stuck with taken inspiration from one of my favourite films and decided to look up analysis videos of the expectations vs reality scene of that film because that is the idea I wanted. Watching the analysis really helped me with my idea, the mood and the feelings I wanted the audience to feel because it made me understand that on production, the crew filmed at different parts of the day in the same area to change the mood of how the main character is feeling. I also looked at how the time frame was produced in certain parts of the scene where they play at the same time, or don’t.


For location, it wasn’t as complicated to research as I already had an idea of where it would fit most with the story I want to tell. I decided to film it at a home location as it fits with the theme friendship and what the main character is striving for.  As the scenes are set inside and outside I decided to film at Carla’s house as my plan for shooting was to film the expectations scenes in the day, and the reality scenes when the sun goes down as a metaphor to the door closing. Carla’s house is based in the country side in Ashford which made it perfect for us to get the ending scenes, and be able to use the places we shot at.

Locations within and outside the house that I’m going to use:

  • Outside the front door
  • Bedroom
  • Outside on the road


For the props, I only used one which was a mobile phone so finding that was pretty easy as everyone has them especially Carla who was in my team helping me.


Costumes wise wasn’t difficult to think of an idea of styling as the character simply dresses to their personality, same visa versa with the other character who plays the friend which made the flow of the film go perfectly well as it shows both aspects of the characters.


The synopsis of my film starts off with the main character


The editing part was a big part of my production research as it was quite a basic yet complicated storyline that needed to be pieced together in the right way. Here is the videos I used to help me learn in 30 mins which is the time that it took me to learn how to do the same edit as ‘500 Days Of Summer’.


For this mini project, I enjoyed it so much as before the edit I had to learn quick research on how to do a spilt screen so I could get it perfect for the edit as the editing part of this project was quite complicated. Overall, I learnt so much in the space of filming as I had an idea of what I learnt from the actual directors of the movie 500 days of Summer, and how they moulded the mood and how the character felt. This task taught me that if you learn how other filmmakers produce something with meaning, you can too.

However, the disadvantage of this project was that it was a very detailed little one minute film that I wanted people to feel, and relate to without it being a love story which I made a plot twist on re-making this. The edit is hard to understand the jist of the story that I produced from my experiences of friendships, but I tried to make it as understandable as I could. If I could go back and re-produce this work I would work better on recording the narrative parts, and use neutral better lighting for the happier parts of the film.



Here is what I learnt:


Here is where all my paper work is going to be.

Location Recce Sheet

Production schedule


Story board:


Scene 1:

Friend: Hey! So how are things at the moment?” – *says awkwardly*

Scene 2:

Friend: “So…What have you been doing lately?” “Do you have a job?

Main character: “I write greeting cards” *says in a low sad tone*

Main character: “I guess I just figured, why make something disposable when you can something that lasts forever…Like greeting cards.” – *says with lump in throat, upset*

Last scene:

Expectations – Main character: “Thank you for having me!”

Reality- Friend: “I hope everything goes well at your new job and that it all goes well for you!” *says awkwardly*

Both characters: “Bye!”


Health and safety:


Location recce:

UAL Proposal:


All the equipment I’m going to use :

  • Canon 7D
  • Rode shotgun mic
  • Tripod


Visual mood board / editing style: