For week 8 and 9 we had to create a one minute short film based on ‘friendship’ and I decided to make mine inspired by one of my favourite films ‘500 days of summer’. As analysed how the original producers and set made it with the mood and tones in that particular scene, it helped me during production as I knew I had to film that happy scenes before sunset using natural lighting as the aim was to show that those parts where the expectations of the character, and I filmed it after sunset to describe the reality of what actually happens and using the natural mood to do the same impact as the expectations were fading away and reality became real for the character.

For editing, that’s where I had to do lots of research as it was something I never experienced editing before on Final Cut Pro X, so it took me a while to find a perfect video to learn from on how to do spilt screen effect. Since the timing is different for the expectations vs. reality, it was hard to manipulate the time frame for the different emotions and mood felt. Overall I really enjoyed creating this project as I was inspired by my one of my favourite movies and it was challenging enough for me to learn a lot within post and pre-production.

Peer feedback from Carla: *will be here once she’s done it*