This whole blog post is going to be for my final major project, and everything within it.

This post will include the little tasks within going towards our final major project such as mood boards, research before production and writing about our influences towards our main project.


Banksy Versus Bristol Museum

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Embroidery Library (NO DATE)


Term 1 and 2


TASK: Make a timeline of what you’ve learnt this year. This can include key moments of your year. Refresh your memory from year 1 work. The way I’m going to create my info graphic is going to be collaged based as I want to show the visuals as well as the topics we learnt thorough the year.


I wanted to do my info graphic about everything I learnt through-out the year using collaging as I feel like my personality and how I’ve learnt and created this year will shine through that way rather than using technology. This is going to be done at home as I will be able to take my time brainstorming what I’ve learnt over the past year. After that I will then photocopy my collage into digital jpeg.

*My info graphic will be inserted here when done*



  • Screen direction
  • Lighting
  • Camera movements
  • Colour grading and mood
  • White balance
  • Using different cameras for certain styles
  • Location recce
  • Framing
  • Depth of field
  • Temp and colour

Within editing:

  • Syncing audio to visuals
  • Narrative and dialogue
  • Post production
  • Music and copyright
  • Slating
  • Sound effects


  • Foley
  • Syncing
  • Dialog
  • Different types of microphones


  • Colour
  • Different types of lights
  • Reflecting and gel


  • Genre
  • Script writing & pre production
  • Story writing
  • Storytelling


  • Production research plan
  • Framing and composition
  • Lighting a scene
  • Auteur theory
  • Job roles within the media
  • Genre
  • Style in film (Wes Anderson etc)
  • Semiology
  • Mise en scene

Other things we learnt:

  • Letter writing
  • Blogging
  • Feminism
  • Representation
  • Social Media
  • Consent
  • Time management
  • Evaluation
  • Harvard refrence

Key moments:

  • Social Media Report (Getting 200 followers in one week)
  • Hello Project (

What I knew before the course:

(Lighting, visuals, audio)

  • Components of audio such as syncing and using different microphones.
  • Lighting
  • Composition
  • Foley

What I learnt:

  • More about the theory that I already learnt the year before.
  • Different editing techniques
  • How to deal with problems that happen

What I enjoyed:

  • Pre-production research
  • Storytelling
  • Camera techniques
  • Mise en scene + author theory

Who inspired me: –

this is who inspired and influenced my creativity outside the course.

  • David Bowie
  • Conan Gray (he inspired me creatively with mixing art within filmmaking)
  • Dodie Clark (she inspired me creatively too as I lost track of it a couple times because of mental health but she helped me get back on my feet)
  • Venus in Retrograde which symbolises how I’ve been feeling for the last 2 weeks (this just helped me found out why I was feeling out of shape)
  • Starting Youtube again after 6 years of stopping, this course helped me get back to my old filmmakers days.
  • New York City birthday trip on our 1 week off.
  • Blue is the warmest colour (2013) – This film inspired me through-out the year as I was in the same place I was feeling 2 weeks ago, and it inspired me with my obsession for colour grading and being French which I’m passionate about. Also, since this film is about an artist it made me get more

What I can do to improve before my FMP:

  • Meeting deadlines
  • Being more organised and make my blog clean.

What I’ve done so far:

The final product of the timeline/infographic:

(the infographic is almost done!!)

TASK 2: Make a moodboard or mind map about who you are, your inspirations and what makes you, you. What I’m currently working on:


The final product of the moodboard that represents me:


FMP RESEARCH – Finding what I want to do:

What my idea is about:

1st idea: PUNK and why it’s as important now!:

How I’m going to find people for my film documentary: As I already have, I have looked for people on Facebook, Instagram (IG hasn’t been the successful one yet!) and I’m going to make a graphic design poster inspired by the punk posters in the 70s and 80’s and hopefully be able to put them around college about ‘Looking for new and old punks…etc.’ and that will help me find people for my project…

My first idea is an idea is an idea I’ve thought about for a long time, and the base of the project is going to be a documentary about old and new punks and the culture, and how it’s coming back in 2017 with the current political happenings happening at the moment, and how punk in the 60’s and 70’s compares to the culture now.

It’s going to be interview based with close ups of their style and why that is an important part of the culture and movement. I also want to break the stereotype of what people think ‘being punk’ is. My target audience is going be teenagers to adults as the topic is very controversial and can be easily be misunderstood but the whole aim of this idea is to break the stereotypes of the subculture, show the viewers the real people behind the music and movement.

This documentary will include all aspects of the subculture such as music, fashion, expression.  I am considering making this as my first idea as it’s currently important right now in British Culture and seems to be coming back slowly in the subcultures and with what’s happening politically for our generation (the young generation or known as the millennials) The aim of this documentary and project is to show that the generation before us that got into subcultures when they were 17-18 is still the same now.

The whole aim of this film is to show all the aspects of the culture, and the people behind it and show it for what it is and make people not afraid of every subculture, and how they are all the same for the same reasons.

Mission statement:

The purpose is to bring people together, and to break all boundaries of stereotypes of subcultures within creating a film that communicates the behind the scenes and how then is similar to now. The medium of film is going to be a way of expression to the reason people join subcultures. I’m using this form of creative medium to help me express myself by filming other people who feel the same as me and creating an experimental documentary will help me communicate this to the audience whom I want to show.

Mission statement about what I do what I do:

The purpose of using the medium of filmmaking has always helped me express what I want to say as it can be used in many ways. I’ve always used this medium as you can create it in your own way and I find that extremely useful for a source of expression.


2nd idea: Climate Revolution

My second idea is making a documentary based experimental video interviewing environmentalists about climate change in 2017, and what we can do to actually do something instead of consuming products that we don’t know are killing the planet. I want to show the effects of consuming products and how they make a huge impact on the planet and how we are blind to what is happening around us everyday.

For this project it will be similar to the one about punk as it’s showing people what it is actually like, and what’s happening behind close doors that no one talks about as it’s run by the industry and the government paying towards more climate change and making it worse. 

The research I will carry out for this will be finding environmentalist activists and young people to ask questions about the environment too, as well as going further into my research I’ve already done about the environment and climate change, and ways we can help it. I will also research how I’m going to make some parts of this film experimental and how to successfully produce the style of documentary / experimental film. 

3rd Idea: What College Students Are Actually Wearing:

The film idea project was inspired by the creator ‘Lexie’ on Youtube who originally started the series off, and other creators started joining and being inspired by her film series called ‘What High Schoolers Are Actually Wearing’ which inspired me to create my own, however I’m creating it with my film style and going more into the expression within other people’s styles.

This is also going to include aspects of the first idea I had but showing flashback nostalgic archive footage of college students, or people in subcultures expressing their fashion style and why they wear the clothes they do. For research, I’m going to research the way I want to do my experimental parts of the film such as ‘chalk board text writing’ and ‘scribbles’ so I can overlay them in the parts of the film.

Another part of my research will be finding people and students who I think have a unique style that reflect their personality without me knowing them, once I have a date for when I’m going to start filming and recording their interviews I will be asking the people I have found to come at a certain place at a certain time so I can film them answering questions, and the important parts I want done. The questions I ask will relate to the documentaries I watched from the past about fashion, and that’s where the nostalgic element will be included, and why they think it’s coming back now. My aim

This is what my project was inspired by:

References for everything:

Star Sign Style (2017) (Accessed 21st of March 2017)

Stencil Revolution (No date)

Grayson Perry’s documentary