…. This is where my reflection for the first week of our final major project is.

This week we started analysing, and coming up with our ideas for our final major project as well as reflecting which idea will show what we have learnt all year round. I came up with 3 ideas, originally I came up with 4 but I managed to bring aspects of why some might be hard because of time, as well as showing aspects of lighting, audio and visuals which helped me reflect on all my three ideas I had, and I knew that my third idea would be a successful one as I care about the topic very much.

This week helped me with taking time, and thinking a bit more clearly about what I want my final product to look like, and what one would make me happy. So far, I learnt that sometimes thinking of a successful idea like ‘punk culture’ is a good idea, but I had to think about everything else and that’s why I choose and felt comfortable with the last idea I had. I also learnt that time keeping is something I struggle with, and that when fmp weeks start, I will have to challenge myself with my written work as well as my favourite part which is creating but I can assure you I will get better once my brain and my creativity comes out visually.