This is where my reflection for week 2 and 3 will be.


This week I feel like I am getting better at producing my work, and coping with the speed and pace of learning. Through-out this week, we had to finish our project proposals and start researching the overview of the industry which we did with Adam, and working with our teacher Adam really helped as the pace of the work that we had to do was easier for me to cope with as it was done one by one instead of all at once.

Another thing that happened this week was that after I presented my three initial ideas to Steven, I lost my third idea that I wrote on my blog which stressed me out because I wrote it very clearly and explained how I was going to produce it, however although that was a negative part of my week I re-wrote it but I have been tweaking it everyday as I wanted it to be similar to the written version I wrote that I lost during the week. This week I felt like I learnt a lot, and gained knowledge from the experience I’ve had with being in a music video which made the industry research easier for me to work with.

Losing my work was a negative to a positive as I’m still trying to make my third idea similar to the one I wrote before, but I will be making my third idea better on my blog now that I lost it during the week. Another experience that happened during the week was seeing my godfather filmmaker who came down to the UK as he was filming boxing for one of his documentaries, and he gave me advice as well as introducing me to new ways of creating and showing the differences between a high production camera that he filmed with ‘Canon C3000’ and told me that you can film with anything, as long as you have your media you are controlling what you make which really helped and kept me motivated for my project.

Overall, this week has opened my eyes, and the pace of a lot of work is becoming easier for me to handle and take the information in and makes me excited to start making.