Within this week, we are focusing on how we are going to research for our final major project and what sources and types of research we will be carrying out to help us gain information, and knowledge that we can add to our project.


Meredith (no date) 


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For my project, I will be carrying out research from secondary to primary sources and my research will be specific as it’s based on a certain theme which is fashion.

I will be researching on fashion history, the people I want to interview and hopefully being able to try and scout one in college soon. As well as also researching the editing, and camera elements of my production as those parts of my production is something I’m depending on to show my visuals, and how I want my audience to feel after watching my final major project.


Different types of research –

Primary –


Internet based:

Within data:


For researching stats

Book based:

Graphics / Imagery and Art: 



Streaming sites:

Research in a more detail review:

This is based on how I’m going to do my research, whether the research I’m going to produce is going to be recent, historical or based on theories and movements. 

For my research I’m going to use all of these, although mine is about fashion I’m going to add all aspects of research in more detail. However, the ones I’m going to use the most are methodological, theoretical and chronological methods towards my research for my final major project.

Chronological: Based on publication release – Purpose of this is to show progress, development of the idea, style and techniques. An example of this would be watching the behind the scenes of a Wes Anderson film and figuring out how he created his team to help him produce his films, and how long that took to the final release of the showing.

Historical: Looking at particular issues related to time or a historical trend rather than publication release date (s)

Methodological: Looking at different methods used in literature to help towards your research review. For example looking at the method, process, progress and how they created the product for example Albert Einstein.

Theoretical: Review based on particular theories, reasoning, art and culture movements for examples (60’s punk movement)

(Write here what you’ve previously learnt from research before)

What I’ve learnt from research before:

When I’ve previously done research for my production, my research has been based on films, music and stats as my productions are based on similar themes, so in the past I tended to add research I’ve done before which helped a lot with my past productions.

Most of my research was based on indie films such as ‘A New Place To Drown’, ‘Church of Nobody’ and films I watch on TV such as ‘Summertime’ and ‘Blue Is The Warmest Colour’ and, observation. Another research plan we learnt was from watching the Grayson Perry documentary about class which went into detail about how he done his research methods by going out in the streets, meeting people and documenting it by observation as well as meeting the different people for his subject of art he made based on his research. Another method of research I have done before is taking photographs of my subjects, or sources that have inspired me so they can be put towards my visual, audio, location recce and casting.

 What existing media products are similar to yours:


Directed and filmed by:  Ryan Andrews

You can view his socials here: 


Although this is a music video, the director and filmmaker who filmed this filmed it on old format film using a VH JVC camera which gave it that old feel, and style which is something I enjoy creating as I don’t like using DSLR and modern cameras that often as I feel like it is still here, and can be used in the same way.

What Highschoolers Are Actually Wearing (ART SCHOOL) – 2017

Directed and filmed by: HotCheetoMami 

Although this is the same concept of what I want my final major project to be, and inspired by.  Daisy has similar film style to me by making it experimental, fun and quirky at the same time her style is completely different but she creates her films the same way I like to express it. This video shows what high schoolers are wearing to art college in the states, but the original idea comes from Lexie on Youtube.

This is Madelyn (2017)

Directed by Madelyn 

This video introduces Madelyn, and her audience to know about herself through a film like style which is very simple, but very quirky yet has an old feel to this video. Her style is inspired by french cinema, and wes anderson which is what I’m inspired by when making any sort of video content. This style of hers is shown by the subtitles of the voice over introducing Madelyn to the audience gives it the french cinema film style, as well as a hint of Anderson with the costume design and locations she choose for this short little introduction.

Moonrise Kingdoom Halloween Inspired Short Film (2016)

Directed by IAMKARENO  

This video is inspired by the whole film ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ by Wes Anderson, and Kareno decided to do a spin on it and do her own version of the film for last years Halloween. This short is based off scenes from the film, esp the dancing scene where Suzy and Sam run away to the beach with everything they have and play their vinyl with the French song ‘Le Temps De L’amour’ by Francoise Hardy plays.

Examine other media products, and how some are similar but yet distinctive and unique to each other: 

Films based on fashion (in general) :

(Include examples)

(Research design and questions you would ask)


Research methods:

When carrying out any sort of research, there are many methods to researching within your entire project. For mine, it is quite detailed yet very simple so, I will be carrying out many ways of research. Here are some examples:

Observation and looking around you:

Observation is a part of research as it can be used for your creativity in many ways as it can be noted down as inspiration sources. Observation examples would be being in a certain area or location and that could be a source of observation, as it might end up being a location for your project. This also works with scouting people for your film, and you can look around in different locations and people watch until you find the people you want to be in your project. Observation can be taken by notes, getting contacts for e.g if you needed people and sketches.

Surveys :


How I’m going to research, and use these methods: 

Video’s I’ve watched for my research –

What I’ve found towards my research:



What I’ve analysed while watching these videos: 

Here are some notes I took while doing my research while watching ‘My Place’ by Nowness’ and some other videos.

Techniques I analysed:

  • Old music in the background
  • Overlapping people talking about their clothes they wear and why
  • Intimate conversations
  • Flow is natural, and not staged
  • Details – Close up of eyes, hand, shoes and walking
  • Detailed dialogue
  • Noise ambience
  • Portrait shots
  • Interview style – some where at a studio, some where at their house and some footage was filmed outside
  • How they felt, what inspired them, who influenced them in their life.

I used the method of observation, writing notes and watching other films to influence my final major project. However, I’ve been observing on how the film is made, who the filmmakers are talking to for example in ‘My Place’ and how they are portraying an intimate feel to the way they created it. I also observed how the filmmakers of these shorts filmed the people they spoke to about their house, or anything and also focused on the people as for my film, its focused on the people and their personality shining through the way I’m going to film and talk to them about ‘style’.

Another method I have done is writing notes while watching the films, and youtube shorts I watched which help me gain my own style of filmmaking which you can probably notice in the videos I watch creating an influence on my final work.

I’ve also used observation twice as during college, and my breaks I make sure to look at anyone around me and people watch their personalities and their style incase I want them to be in my film when I start producing it. This helps as I know the people I want to be in it, as well as also probably being inspired by them without knowing it.

For my research, I’m going to use the methods that I wrote down at the top of this blog post, and try to use all aspects of every one of them and do it in the time of pre-production week which is around 2 weeks, so I will make sure I spend at least 6 days doing research on fashion, people and the style I want to achieve. Within pre-production research week, I will also be finding the people I want so I will use my observation and writing notes skill for this.

S – State what you are going to do

M – Show how we know you have done it

A – It is not too much work

R – You can show us you have done it

T – You can do it in the time allowed

Here is where my production research is going to be –


(I will be posting these when we come back as I realised my powerpoint of the demographics is on the college computers, but Gabby has already seen the powerpoint)







Visual research:

Videos –

Here is where my videos I’ve watched on Youtube that have influenced my project:

Films –

Art –


Canterbury College –

Indoors –

Outdoors –


For my research, I’m going to be using the observation method to help me find the people I want to be in my film and look out for the people stand out to me and I will be taking notes of their style as well as possibly going up to them and asking them if they would like to take part in being in film during pre-production.

I will also be taking there details, or socials just in case they can’t make it on a day that I am in college.





Beyoncé – Lemonade Visual Album



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