On these 3 weeks I learnt more about editing, different filming techniques as well as researching how to do post production and pre-production for specifically audio.

Through-out the week, we had a refreshed memory of different types of audio techniques, audio recorders such as microphones and different ways you can get different sounds. We also looked at the technical aspects of audio and the science within sounds and waves.  Within these weeks, we had to add the audio skills we learnt about directions of using a microphone, being in another location and recording audio and visuals in a public place. We also looked at different lighting skills and re-made our favourite scenes from movies, and we had to decide which type of lighting and direct ourselves using the people we had in our group.

Within our social media report, we had to keep updates on our blog and the progress of how our social medias were when we first made them compared to what they are now and see how much interaction we’ve gained over the two weeks, and I gained a lot of followers and interaction