This is week 5 of our final major project where we analyse, and create a research plan within primary research and then we carry it out too. This will include only my primary research and what I’ve learnt from starting my secondary research.

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Task 1:

Define your project –

For my project I’m going to be interviewing students from college about their style and how they express their personality through the clothes they wear, and why. The project is also about how people’s life influences on their fashion style, as well as their personality. My aim of the film is to show that past era’s and culture may have made an influence on the person themselves, as well as general things in life.

The project is also going to show people’s personality can be shown within their fashion and ‘the ‘style’ they have. I also want to make it about the people, and what things in life have really made an impact on their life to how they dress and I want to make it about them too.

For my primary research I’m going to try and find some fashion resources about style in book form, as well as going out into town (Canterbury) and look at textures from material to see if I would use it in the final product. I’m also thinking of doing a social media poll on my film and TV twitter and ask people what they think about fashion, and how they think their own style has been influenced. Although it’s on social media a lot of people with different influences will be able to vote about what influences them the most with what they wear. I’m also going to look at my location for my primary research as I don’t know where in college I want to film the students.

Primary research I’m going to do:

Location recce

Look at books about fashion (from the past and now) – READ TONS and take photographs and the styles I am interested in from other people’s fashion and also going into detail on what particular personalities I like from just seeing them from the outside.


Risk assessment and story boarding

Cast and contact list – Finding the people I want in my film and giving them flyers so they can be a part of it when I’m ready for production. I want to start getting people for my film asap just in case I won’t be able to get in contact with them when I start shooting.

Looking at extra things I need for my post production – (music)

Plan a visual mood board for what I want my film to look like

What I have learnt from last week from the literature review and start of research:

  • I have learnt that with my topic of ‘fashion’ my research is detailed, and that I have do a lot which I didn’t expect, but I learnt that having a lot of research is going to make your project better
  • Secondary research makes a huge influence on what you are going to produce in the end, and although we are in the beginning of research I know that everything I’ve researched so far has already made a creative decision and an influence towards it already.
  • That the secondary research I carry out, and watch is similar to my film style and I don’t watch things for the topic of what I want to research which is ‘fashion’, ‘style’ and ‘expression’ but, I watch the films to see how they make it so I can make it myself rather than watching something based on the topic and studies of fashion because I want my film to show what I want, so I watch things that are similar.
  • Other people’s films and videos are similar to mine, and that’s okay

Produce a short review about your project –

My project is going to show all aspects of expression and other people’s personalities through the clothes they wear. The project is going to showcase that anyone can have many influences in their life, and that can be shown through what they wear. Whether that being music, culture, sexuality or just generally their personality being shown through their fashion choices. This project is about the people and their clothes, but I want to show that someone can be interesting because of their personality, and the way they express themselves. I’m also going to include their name, and what they are studying to see what the art students are wearing compared to the film students etc.

This project is also going to include many aspects of old style film making, and basic audio skills in a very high quality to show that old style film is still here, just as well as the concept of my project of areas of the past cultures coming back in people’s style. The film will be roughly 5 mins long, as I will have 6 people to interview and ask questions to and this also makes it equal but if all else fails, I might have to add more people in the film.

Identify key areas in your project that you want to extend your knowledge –



Although my location is in Canterbury College, I will still be looking for a place I want to film my cast that I’ve found as I know having a good location with good lighting and empty space will be an advantage for filming the people I found. I also will be filming students outside of Canterbury College as I want to have a mix of different students from different areas and how their influences around them influence what they wear to college, or in general.

Locations I will be filming at:

Canterbury College – where I will be filming specific students


Rochester UCA –



I will be finding my cast of people within Canterbury College, and asking them if they would like to be in my film and take part in featuring in it for the interview and the close ups of their outfit. Although this job is hard as I’m relying on other people because I’m using ‘real life’ people instead of using actors. I will also be asking them when they are free for me to film them on a certain day as they are also studying.


For my survey that I created to find research about how people feel about fashion, and what they wear I’ll be gathering the data for the people I want to film as well as finding my target audience when I start filming, and producing my film so afterwards in the final edit I’ll know who I want the film the film to attract.

Here is the survey you can take –

Here’s the results I’ve found/gathered –


I chose to do interviews as it gives me an insight about the older generation’s style in the past when they went to college, and how its changed now that they are grown up.

Here are the interviews of two people –

Who inspired your fashion back when you were at college?

Interviewee 1 : I was probably influenced by the political scene, protests, peace and Camden market : )

Interviewee 2 : I was inspired by american blockbuster movies like Saturday night fever, and Grease. I bought a ‘perfecto jacket like john travolta i grease when i was 15, but i could afford the real leather one so i bought a plastic one.  New wave changed my style a bit, it was more colourful than the goths at the time.

Where there an influences around you that made decide what you wore to college?

Interviewee 1 : I was a bit of a hippy and an artist and was around fashion students who always wore the up and coming looks, I always wanted to be different and stand out so new fashion was a way to do that.

Interviewee 2 : I was influenced by the tourists coming from the big cities to my area, i was always impressed by the fashion they brought to the countryside, they were so advanced and we couldn’t get these clothes in our shops easily.

Did you have any style icons that inspired your style?

Interviewee 1 :  Madonna maybe, Vivien Westwood was a designer I admired, such an individual.

Interviewee 2 : Then? John Travolta and Elvis! and now? no one really, that was back then and you don’t change your style that much, like a 501 it keeps coming back.

How does dressing the way you do make you feel?

Interviewee 1 : It makes me feel like I can express my freedom to choose what I feel like wearing. I hate having to ‘dress for the occasion’ in a conformist manner, I’ll always add something just to rebel and show a bit of my character, like a nametag.

Interviewee 2 :  Comfortable, it gives me self esteem when I am wearing something appropriate for a situation. I am more relaxed when I am comfortable in my clothes, I wear what i wear for myself to appreciate the item, I enjoy wearing nice things. I’ll always get my good clothes out for occasions, and if I love an item I’ll wear it all the time. I fall in love with my clothes.


AGE: 47 (mum) 52 (dad)




This is where my whole pre-production paperwork will be, including all the sources and other films/videos that have influenced my decisions creatively or not. I will also include my contact lists for the cast, equipment and materials I will be using.

This where all my pre-production will be.

CASTING (people I’ve found and how I’m going to scout them) –

In Canterbury College, or out of the college for those that I’m filming out of Canterbury College. I will scout them just by talking to them or handing them a flyer that I’m going to make for the people I find. Here is the flyer:

(Organise and express your ideas) –


(all my research will be here, if it’s not here yet it’s because I’m getting all the resources, inspiration and video’s I’ve watched into an organised setting)




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