Here is where everything from week six is including power points, and reflecting on what has happened during the week.

During this week we showed our tutors our pre-production packs, pitches and proposals so we could get the approval to start our production. I pitched my production pitch to our tutor Gabby, and showed her how I’ve carried out my pre-production research and where my ideas came from and how I’ve progressed to getting my final ideas for the extended project. I also showed her my influences within my pre-production, and how everything fits together with my final idea. The first task was presenting so, I did and I carried on working on my literature review, pre-production research that I may need to tweak as that part is important to my project and finding my cast.

The second task that I worked on was the pre-production pack which I didn’t find to difficult to work with, at first I did as I had tons of work and was feeling stressful about the order of everything being perfect but then the pace got easier, and my pre-production work became manageable and it made me and my friend Carla a bit ahead which was an advantage to working on our blogs and our productions.

Overall, I really enjoyed week six as it helped me get everything together although there are some tweaks, and organisation that needs to be made on my blog posts but I will be sorting that out within production, and post production as I’m filming the week after half term. I will also be uploading my pre-production powerpoints into format of jpeg so it’s easier to read here.



Pre-Production paperwork pack NEW

Demographics Powerpoint (will be here on Monday as the copy is at college)