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Term 1, Week 6.

Draft 2 Portfolio Week 6 EB

Photo Task

Shutter Speed, ISO, Aperture

Format: ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed

Ping pong: iso: 100, f/5.0, 1/800

Motion Blur one: iso: 100, f/16, 1/6


Depth: iso: 3200, f32, 1″3

More depth: iso 1600, f29, 2″5


ISO High: ISO: 6400, f13, 1/125

ISO Low: ISO: 100, f22, 1″3


Light: ISO: 100, f13, 5″

Photos For Group


Portfolio NEW

elisa benaggoune context-and-audience-portfolio-draft-2 ver 2 done at home

Broadchurch Draft 1

Here is my first draft of my portfolio, some sources haven’t been copied and pasted yet.

New versions of the portfolio will be uploaded once new parts of it have been completed.

context and audience portfolio draft 1

elisa benaggoune context-and-audience-portfolio-draft-1 – can edit ver

elisa benaggoune context-and-audience-portfolio-draft-1 – can edit ver



Broadchurch Contextual Study


Broadchurch – Using similar crime cases and causes of death to make a fresh dramatic series and episode.. (Cont later) Will make into word document if needed.

Broadchurch’s film locations:

Jurassic coast specific:

  • Beaches, Harbour, Pier, Promenade, Cliff Tops and Coastal Scenes – DT6 4EN / DT6 4HE.
  • Harbour Cliff Beach – East Beach and East Cliff Beach – DT6 4EN.
  • Danny Latimer’s Floral Tribute – East Beach car park, southeast access to beach – DT6 4EN.
  • Broadchurch Police Station (exterior) – The Folly (ground floor), Quay West – DT6 4GZ.
  • Broadchurch Police Car Park – Quay West underground car park – DT6 4GZ.
  • Broadchurch Newsagent (exterior) – Harbour Newsagent – DT6 4EN.
  • Broadchurch Café – Ellipse Caffé Bistro – DT6 4GZ.
  • Broadchurch Sea Brigade Hall – Methodist Chapel on East Beach – DT6 4EN.
  • Newsagent Owner’s Home – Coastguard Cottages (seaward end) on East Beach – DT6 4EP.
  • ‘Operation Cogden’ – Named after Cogden Beach (3 miles east of West Bay).

Eype specific – West Dorset:

  • Briar Cliff, Coastal Hut / Chalet – Eastern base of Thorncombe Beacon – DT6 6AL.


Sources used:

Revisiting Framing and Composition: Extended Skills

On the first week, we have revisited framing, composition and lighting aspects of recreating a scene using those elements. We also bought those elements by reflecting, and watching the original scene from BBC TV Show ‘The Game’ and the scene was S1 E1 – What is operation glass? which you can watch here:

The shots we had to recreate are within this document:

Operation glass

Here is our practical task recreating the scene until 1:20:






New portfolio

Some of the media files for my research wouldn’t embed as I have been doing it on mac, but all the links and resources I used are in the media resources part of my portfolio.

extended-project-portfolio-year-one-final-draft- 30 06

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